100 Apple Paintings, my Story…  (the book by JanettMarie)

Order the 100 Apple Paintings Book by JanettMarie
Order the 100 Apple Paintings Book by JanettMarie

100 Apple Paintings, my Story is JanettMarie’s first book.  In it she tells the story of her “100 apple paintings” challenge.  On May 8, 2009 she started on the project that would lead her into an exploration of artistic technique and professional discipline and much more.

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 Following is an excerpt from the book:

My studio is located in downtown Indianapolis.  It’s the old Stutz automobile factory.  The buildings house over 100 artists, plus many businesses, companies, a restaurant, galleries and a car museum!  Every year in April the Stutz Artists Association hosts a studio tour, or Open House, as we call it.  We open up the place and invite the public into our studio lives.

Heartbeat tells the story of a young girl and an assignment her art teacher gives to her class.  They each must make 100 drawings of an apple.  I thought, “I can make 100 drawings of an apple!”Early in 2009 I had just gotten started creating little 6″ X 6” paintings and blogging about them.  I was using this to create a daily painting discipline for myself.  For the Open House that year I had about 23 little paintings on display, in addition to larger works.  During the two-day event, one of my visitors pulled me aside and told me about a children’s book, Heartbeat by Sharon Creech.

"Red Gayla" - 6" x 6" oil on canvas panel - by JanettMarie (Sold)
“Red Gayla” –  by JanettMarie (Sold)

At first I thought my blog readers would get bored with a painting of the same thing every day, so I painted other subjects as well.  Every once in a while, bam!  Out would come another apple painting.  In the middle of December 2010 I had 37 apple paintings.  But I also had 24 pears–I wasn’t even trying to paint 100 pears!  What’s up with that.  It was clear that I needed to set a goal to finish the project.  Once I set that goal, the apple paintings just came flying out of me!

For me, the series of apples became a free pass to experiment with all kinds of materials and methods.  I could try anything.  I learned to use a stencil–I learned to make a stencil.  I used watercolor pencils, oils and acrylic paints.  I squirted alcohol.  I used paint in pens and squeeze-bottles.  The only thing I didn’t have to do was decide what to paint.

(c) 2011 by JanettMarie.  Used by permission.


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