"Cathedral Mug" 8"x6" mixed media on paper mounted on canvas by JanettMarie
“Cathedral Mug” 8″x6″ mixed media on paper mounted on canvas

Coffee cups, coffee cups, coffee cups! What’s up with all the coffee cups?

Last year at this time, I was working on 100 apple paintings. Why 100? To help me develop a discipline for painting (almost) every day. As a result, the series of apples became a free pass to experiment with all kinds of materials and methods. I tried everything. I used stencils and made stencils; water–soluble pastels and pencils, oils, oil pastels and acrylic paints. I sprinkled isopropyl alcohol. I used paint in pens and squeeze bottles. Once the apple project came to an end everyone was asking, “what next, what next?”

Coffee cups made the most sense to me, as most everyone can relate to his or her favorite cup. The experimenting with materials continued to grow, like pouring my old cold coffee on to the paintings. I’ve even used glitter in paintings lately and I haven’t used glitter since 5th grade!

I love using color, it makes me happy and I’ve noticed that it makes other people happy too. Yes, I’m a colorist–there’s no hiding it. I also like breaking the rules in art, because I can. I love Picasso’s quote: “if you know exactly what you’re going to do, what’s the point of doing it? Since you know, there’s no interest in it…. It’s better to do something else.” I couldn’t agree more – it’s okay to just paint.

–jM, August 2012

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