August Moon – Finished

Contemporary painting August Moon by JanettMarie
24″x30″ Mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

Remember “August Moon”? Started way back in August… hence the title… well, here she is!

I’m working on a really big painting (40″x54″) and I needed to do some experimenting with colors and glitter and flowers, so I used this painting to do it. Of course it has gone through a lot, but it came through finished today!

Whoa! I couldn’t believe it.

The really big painting will be finished soon, be patient with me!


PS: Lisa, I haven’t learned how get this to post to Facebook yet! I will though!

4 thoughts on “August Moon – Finished”

  1. Marg Herder
     ·  Reply

    This is great! I love it jM, especially all the purple.

  2. myra
     ·  Reply

    wonderful lush lovely colors! very van gogh-ish! love the moon, the starry night AND the flowers!

  3. Bonnie Heather
     ·  Reply

    I always liked this one and I’m looking forward to when you post your blog announcement on facebook.

  4. lisagrahamart
     ·  Reply

    Wow Janett…this is super super fun and whimsical. I just love it!

    I am not seeing your posts come through on my reader. I had to find you again via your comment from the other day. Hmmm…I need to fix this so I don’t miss your posts!

    Did you figure out facebook yet? I think you can just copy what you want to post from the web browser and then past in the posting section of your facebook. It should link from there.

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