“Let’s Dance” at home!

"Let's Dance!" at home -by JanettMarie
“Let’s Dance” at home!

Here is the 43″x53″ painting “Let’s Dance” in its home location. Nice, huh?
Perfect.  Hmm… I think I see a cosmo and a three olive martini there on the mantel.



6 thoughts on ““Let’s Dance” at home!”

  1. Last Cup of Coffee
     ·  Reply

    it’s a beautiful painting – looks like it has the perfect home!

  2. Lisa Graham Art
     ·  Reply

    It looks lovely in that spot Janett! It makes the whole room pop!! Congratulations!

  3. Martine-Alison
     ·  Reply

    Un endroit parfait pour admirer ton travail, devant la cheminée… Très romantique pour un tête-à-tête…
    Je te fais de gros bisou.

  4. Bonnie Heather
     ·  Reply

    Thanks for posting this photo. It shows how your paintings bring life to a room.

  5. lisagrahamart
     ·  Reply

    Just dropping another comment to say your new web site looks fabulous! Can I ask you why you made the switch? A few other artists I know have left blogger.

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