"Seeing Double" by JanettMarie

6″ x 6″ Oil on Canvas Panel

We are having a terrific ice storm tonight. I drove home early from the studio, bringing stuff to paint along. Well, here is apple number 58, oil on a 6″x6″ panel. I painted this using Gamblin oil paint and Liquin medium. Wow, that Liquin really allows the paint to flow. I painted this down stairs in the home studio where I started my “Little Paintings” adventure. Old memories surfaced and oh just like the old times… painting in straight oil, with a set up light source and an actual model, I grabbed a “Gold Delicious” apple that was hanging out in the refrigerator. The only difference from old times is that I used Liquin instead of the linseed oil mix. Can you tell that this painting is leaning against a mirror?

I couldn’t help myself…  put that little “58” in the painting…  : )

This painting has been sold.