"Styling In Red" by JanettMarie

36″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Canvas

This painting is not exactly “Little”, it is 36″ by 24″, can you see it that large?  It’s fun.  It’s mixed media on canvas and it is the first time (that I can remember) to use one of those Chinese brushes dipped in black india ink. I don’t know where I got the brush but I’ve had it a long time. I guess it was asking me to paint with it! I used it to add the accents to the girls skirts. The brush made some pretty nice lines.

This painting was in the “Pump” show at the StutzArtSpace Gallery.  The show was themed “Pump” in honor of the American Heart Association’s  February “Heart Month” and 20% of all sales was donated to the American Heart Association.

Show your heart awareness in February, wear red! You’ll be styling!

This painting has been sold.