“Shower Martini”

Shower Martini -by JanettMarie
Martini sketch on the shower wall, window crayons!

This may be a new one for some and a bit different for most. This is a sketch on my shower wall that is now washed away and down the drain.

I have a few window crayons in my shower that I will occasionally use to sketch out my ideas for paintings and sometimes to just practice! One would think I have a lot of time on my hands to be able to hang out in the shower and draw.

You know that amount of time it takes when you’re waiting for the hair conditioner to soak into your hair? Perfect time to sketch out ideas!

Artists are a little crazy sometimes. I’m no exception!

Smiles for you!


One thought on ““Shower Martini””

  1. myra
     ·  Reply

    now – that IS crazy – just crazy enough to work! what a good idea – my shower has a built in seat so instead of drinking coffee in there – I could draw! I’m off – that is – to the store!

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