Study for Three Panel City Scape

Three Panel City Scape Study -by JanettMarie
Three 6″x6″ mixed media on paper- panels

Hi, I’ve been dragging my feet lately to publish this post, but tonight I had an “ah-ha” moment. I photographed these little paintings separately and I wasn’t sure how to post them, so they lined up, as they are to be viewed. Oh, well, go into photoshop and put them together as one image. I know, I know, that only make sense to those that own photoshop.

These three are 6″x6″ right now and will eventually grow up to be 16″x16″. They will, I’m sure, change along they way, in the act of going bigger, as all good little paintings will do. Time, of course, will tell… I mean show.

In the mean time, I’ve been working on a large piece that is 40″ x 54″. ¬†Below is the sketch for this one that I hope to have finished…. soon!

Savidge Blue Moon by JanettMarie
Preliminary sketch for larger painting.

Good Day for now!


4 thoughts on “Study for Three Panel City Scape”

  1. Bonnie Heather
     ·  Reply

    Nice looking web page. I love your city scapes.

    If you get the opportunity, it would be great if you let facebook know when you post. I always keep up with it.

  2. janettmarie
     ·  Reply

    Thanks Bonnie, I’ll get that figured out next!
    Good catch!

  3. myra
     ·  Reply

    wow! I love those buildings! The abstract angles and the colors are fantastic! Putting them together as one painting is a brilliant idea. Hey – the sketch is nice too! Can’t wait to see more!

  4. lisagrahamart
     ·  Reply

    These are really wonderful Janett…it’s as though the the buildings are doing a dance in the night sky. So playful and fun and happy.

    Now that my series is finished buildings are something I want to get back to doing. I love cityscape paintings and they are really fun to make aren’t they? I started a NYC painting last year that took me 5 hours to sketch out. I put the first layer of color on and then quit because it was overwhelming me to paint in all the little areas of the painting. You have inspired me to get back at it!

    Congratulations on finding homes for your paintings below. I am sure your buyers are extremely happy because you art is just that way…happy!

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